Australia’s future faces a significant new challenge. With water supply expected to decrease by 40 percent within the next two decades, a significantly increased pressure is placed on the industry to outsource the way water resources are managed.

From the tap to the sewer, BioChem Water provides the expertise to address these future challenges. We identify water saving opportunities with a focus on reduction of total cost of operation.

BioChem Water also provides an array of water treatment technologies with a strong emphasis on identifying water reuse/recycling opportunities to increase operational efficiency, as well as meeting environmental compliance.


About Richard Brown

BioChem Water’s founder, Richard Brown, has worked in the water treatment industry for 30 years. Richard started his career with Memtec, the founder of the hollow fiber membrane. He spent time working with various filtration and separation technologies as well as sewage treatment plants before taking up a role within the chemical water treatment market. Richard has worked in overseas countries in both humanitarian and water improvement applications and shares a very strong passion in the water industry. He enjoys the opportunity and challenge to improve any water system application.

Read about Richard’s work with communities along the Sepik and Ramu Rivers in the Papua New Guinea Case Study below.

PNG Water Filtration Case Study

BioChem Water is committed to combining technology and knowhow in order to provide efficient, cost-effective solutions that not only benefit the environment but deliver prosperity for our clients. Whether we are working with a large corporation or in remote villages overseas, we love what we do.

Clean water is something many of us take for granted to be available on tap. Unfortunately for millions of people, including many rural communities living in Papua New Guinea, illness and death from preventable waterborne diseases can be an everyday reality simply because they do not have access to clean water.

On invitation by Sir Peter Barter, Richard Brown had the privilege to test and deploy hand-powered water filtration to villages along the Sepik and Ramu rivers. These cost-effective, easy to operate systems provide clean drinking waters to these communities.

Click on the PNG Case Study link below to read more about this project.
You can also view other BioChem Water projects on our case studies page.


Experience About Our Location

About – From our base on the Central Coast of New South Wales (NSW), BioChem Water services a range of clients on the Central Coast, Sydney, Newcastle, Cobar and the Hunter Valley, Riverina, the North Coast and Central West regions and ACT.