Activated Carbon Water Filter Media

Activated Carbon Water Filter Media

With Activated’ carbon water filter media can significantly reduce taste, odour, and chlorine levels.

Usually, Activated Carbon Water Filter Media water treatment plants use chlorine and chloramines to treat water.

Activated Carbon Water Filter Media – However, these create cancer-causing by-products.

These disinfectants stay in your drinking water for a long time, giving it a chemical taste.

Activated carbon water filter media removes organic compounds from water, making it taste and smell better.

Contaminants abide by a carbon filter’s exterior, and only hygienic water flows to your home.

What are activated carbon water filter media? How do they work?

Like all water filters, activated carbon water filter media serve as barriers to contaminants in your drinking water.

The ancient Egyptians first discovered carbon’s detoxifying properties.

Carbon is still used to eliminate contaminants from water and improve the smell and taste of foods and drinks.

Carbon filters efficiently reduce bad tastes, odours, and other particulates in water because they are highly porous and have a greater surface area.

As water moves through the activated carbon water filter media, it functions as a parking lot with a porous structure for contaminants to park in.

Microns are the size of the pores. The refined the filtration, the tinier the micron. Contaminants have more time to park or abide by carbon when the flow rate and force are low.

The more time water spends in touch with the activated carbon water filter media’s exterior, the more effective the filtration.

BioChem Water can recommend high-tech filtration methods for the contaminants that have been identified and the essential purity level.

This is why it’s so important to choose the right activated carbon bed for the job.

This will result in the most effective filtering and the equipment’s lengthiest utilisation timeframe.

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Activated Carbon Water Filter Media
Activated Carbon Water Filter Media