Automatic Chlorine Dosing System

Automatic Chlorine Dosing System

The automatic’ chlorine dosing system adds chlorine to the water to start making it pure, safe, and safe for drinking.

It has a sensor that detects Automatic Chlorine Dosing System with diluted chlorine and measures it automatically.

Automatic chlorine dosing system is a small, productive piece of equipment that works in tandem with your pump room’s machinery.

This implies that the system manages the two essential factors for pure, clean water: pH and disinfection, with a considerably lower error margin than when adding chemical dosages to water.

The apparent advantage of an automatic chemical dosing system is that it maintains the chemical components of water on a continuous (24/7) basis.

You know how important it is to use the right chemicals in the correct amounts if you run quality cleaning equipment or commercial dishwashers.

With preventing infection at the top of your priority list, you must ensure that every item is properly cleaned.

You have complete control over the types and quantities of chemicals you use when using an automatic chlorine dosing system.

You can ensure a high-quality clean for yourself and your clients by eliminating any uncertainty from your process.

BioChem Water’s automatic chlorine dosing system is tested against a set of industrial standards.

BioChem Water‘s automatic chlorine dosing system not only saves you time and money but also helps you keep track of your expenses.

Cleaning supplies are expensive, and automated dosing ensures that only the correct amount of chemicals are used.

Keep an eye on the levels in your auto dose canisters regularly. You’ll be able to maintain proper stock levels more efficiently.

Clogging is also reduced by using the proper amount of product.

So, contact BioChem Water and let us help you find a suitable automatic chlorine dosing system.

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Automatic Chlorine Dosing System
Automatic Chlorine Dosing System