Best Chemical Dosing Pumps

Best Chemical Dosing Pumps

BioChem is dedicated to providing the customers with precisely controlled dosing for various volumes of fluid with different types of Best Chemical Dosing Pumps.

These Best Chemical Dosing Pumps are very useful during water and wastewater treatment processes, including the water filtration procedures in industrial as well as municipal corporations.

Best Chemical Dosing Pumps –  BioChem‘s best chemical dosing pumps ensure maximum reliability, high quality, and form perfection, as well as offer complete value for money.

Chemical dosing pumps are positive displacement pumps with a compact size.

They find application in injecting chemicals or other substances at a precise flow rate into another stream of fluid.

BioChem chemical dosing pumps are available in different capacities and are capable of fluids of different viscosity.

These chemical dosing pumps work by pumping a specific volume of liquid into a chamber.

Then, they inject the chemical into pipes or tanks that contain the fluid to be dosed.

Electric motors or other actuation machines power these dosing pumps, and it uses a controller to operate the pumps, manage flow rates, and turn on and off the power.

BioChem has a track record of providing the best chemical dosing pumps and water filtering equipment.

Furthermore, we provide a variety of services to assist you in selecting the appropriate, and best chemical dosing pumps to meet your metering requirements.

We have various options, including the extensible peristaltic and diaphragmatic metering pumps.

They are equipped with monitoring applications at low and high pressures.

With our dosing systems, you may use low-pressure technology to handle different chemicals.

For precision monitoring, they have integrated control devices.

We’re especially proud of our ability to master new, difficult procedures with high chemical dosing, metering, and mixing ratios or substantial viscosity changes time after time.

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Best Chemical Dosing Pumps
Best Chemical Dosing Pumps