Boiler Chemical Dosing Pump

Boiler Chemical Dosing Pump

A boiler chemical dosing pump is a small size compact positive displacement pump. Its purpose is to meter and inject a specific chemical into the stream of another fluid.

Boiler Chemical Dosing Pump are typically small in size, yet they deliver a precise flow rate for concise control.

They’re the heart of an integrated dosing system of a boiler unit for chemical dispersion.

BioChem offers a wide range of chemical dosing pumps with different metering capacities and flow rates.

What makes our brand more reliable and competent is that all our products, designs and techniques come from our years of experience, expertise in the industry, integration of the latest advancements and technologies.

Indeed, all BioChem boiler chemical dosing pumps have all necessary safety features, indicators and accreditations.

The units include all requisite accessories that help in easy operation and control of the chemical metering and dosing.

They also include level gauges, pressure gauges, sensors and level switches.

BioChem boiler chemical dosing pump system has been meticulously designed to provide optimal performance at a low operating cost.

They feature a strong construction and design.

The components are made up of high-quality materials that enable the equipment to handle a wide range of chemicals with precise volume flow rates and metering capacities.

BioChem boiler chemical’ dosing pump performance conforms to the set international standards.

They ensure accuracy with precise metering and control systems and can easily integrate into a larger boiler plant.

We have different types of boiler chemical dosing pumps having diaphragm injection, lobe pumps, and peristaltic pumps with constant and variable output options.

Stringent quality checks, tests against various parameters make BioChem’s each boiler chemical’ dosing pump reliable for long working durations.

We, at BioChem, aim to provide superior chemical dosing and metering solutions for optimum performance and reduced downtimes.

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Boiler Chemical Dosing Pump
Boiler Chemical Dosing Pump