Boiler Water

Boiler Water Case Study

The Challenge

A large Australian owned lamb abattoir contacted BioChem Water via recommendation from a Boiler Inspector.

Their steam boiler was experiencing ongoing challenges with intermittent, high levels of corrosion and scale in its steam generation system.

This was negatively affecting its boilers, as well as its productivity, operating costs for energy and overall operations.

BioChem Water identified several areas of pre-treatment that required changes, including the water softeners where ion exchange integrity was poor. This meant that constant slippage was occurring, resulting in scale deposition within the steam boiler.

The oxygen scavenger was also being injected into the pipe after the feedwater tank, therefore oxygen was not being scavenged. This led to the presence of carboxylic acid in the condensate return lines and iron oxide in the boiler water.

Together, these issues resulted in increased boiler water blowdown and a resulting increase in energy consumption and decrease in chemical residual.


The BioChem Water Solution

BioChem Water were able to implement an effective program and make the required changes. We also implemented our on-line scale dispersant to clean up the existing scale deposits.

The Result