Cooling Water


The Challenge

BioChem Water were requested by one of Australia’s leading food manufacturers (and leading global producer and distributor of high-quality products) to assist in microbial control issues on cooling towers at one of its food manufacturing plants. The plant in question had six recirculating cooling water systems designed to manage critical process operations.

One of the biggest challenges in open, recirculating cooling systems is a high risk of bacterial proliferation due to contamination and the high temperature of the cooling tower. This can lead to increased water, energy and chemical consumption as well as:

  • Lower production
  • Heat exchanger failure
  • Microbiologically induced corrosion
  • Loss of revenue

Cooling Water

The BioChem Water Solution

BioChem Water provided a comprehensive solution that included on-site expertise and the application of our Biocon BD treatment program Cooling Water.

Cooling Water – This is used to effectively control biological growth and biofilm in cooling towers and other industrial water treatment applications.

Cooling Water
Cooling Water

The Result

The treatment programme has helped the plant reduce biological contamination and fouling as well as reducing:

  • Water consumption
  • Total plate counts
  • Corrosion rates
  • Chemical usage
  • Maintenance costs

In addition to these results, overall plant performance was improved and safety increased due to the introduction of our Biocon BD program.