Chemical Coagulants

Chemical Coagulants

Many of us know about Chemical Coagulants, yet many aren’t aware of their actual use.

Chemical coagulation is an important part of the treatment of water and wastewater.

Chemical Coagulants – Its use in drinking water clarifies water utilising coagulant agents, primarily for municipal water treatment.

Our Chemical’ Coagulants  aid in forming bigger clumps of sand, sludge, and clay, making it much simpler for them to rest at the bottom of the vessel.

Iron salts, polyaluminium chloride (PAC or liquid alum), and aluminium sulphate (alum) are commonly used chemical compounds.

The right chemical coagulant for a system can improve the entire efficiency of the system, especially solids removal efficiency, by improving filter and clarifier effectiveness. We at BioChem Water can help you select the right chemical coagulants for your water treatment system.

How can Chemical Coagulants Eliminate Contaminants?

Turbidity-causing particles (such as silt and clay) are usually negatively charged, making clumping difficult due to electrostatic repulsion.

On the other hand, chemical’ coagulants granules are positively charged and chemically draw negative turbidity, neutralising their negative charge.

The neutralised particles then gather (a process known as flocculation) to constitute larger particles known as flocs that settle quickly due to mixing.

The flocs can then be sorted out or filtered away. Some viruses and bacteria can attach themselves to turbidity-causing suspended solids in water.

As a result, lowering turbidity via coagulation also may enhance water’s microbial quality.

For achieving good results, users must follow the recommended guidelines and incorporate the dose of the chemical coagulants in the water as directed.

After that, stir the water for a few minutes to aid in the formation of flocs. The flocs can either settle out or be filtered out.

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Chemical Coagulants
Chemical Coagulants