Chemical Dosing Pump Suppliers

Chemical Dosing Pump Suppliers

BioChem is amongst the leading chemical dosing pump suppliers that offer different types with multiple features such as mechanical or hydraulic actuation, automatic control circuits, and motor drive.

Chemical Dosing Pump Suppliers – Each of them has a different capacity, working pressures, and pump features. They have high-tech components that are long-lasting and sturdy.

BioChem’s outstanding chemical dosing pump and control solutions enable flawless performance in water-treatment applications while complying with local and international regulations.

We have chemical dosing and transfer solutions for the toughest and most challenging working conditions inherent in heavy industrial processes like the power generation, petrochemical, metallurgy, and chemical industries, where chemical metering and dosing with the highest precision and reliability are required.

BioChem has been designing and manufacturing exceptional dosing pumps and metering systems for wastewater treatment, boiler feed water treatment, and other industrial and municipal operations for more than 30 years.

Our pumps are capable of handling different chemicals with different viscosities.

They are equipped with holistic control panels, valves, gauges, pressure controls and metering devices for superior monitoring and management.

If you are looking for chemical dosing pump suppliers that reduce the operational costs of your processes by providing effective chemical dosing pumps, then BioChem is the perfect solution.

Certifications, labels, and quality assurance checks pertaining to chemical dosing pump suppliers make our products safe and compliant with the environmental and industry guidelines.

BioChem products preserve high standards and better performance while reducing downtime.

All our products provide chemical dosage precision while alleviating the need for costly supplementary .

They have a shielded pump head that reduces chemical leakage and exposure to ensure safe operation.

BioChem chemical dosing pumps use different techniques for chemical metering and dosage.

We stringently check each product and the dosing methodology and regularly update our product line to match with the latest industry trends.

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Chemical Dosing Pump Suppliers
Chemical Dosing Pump Suppliers