Chemical Dosing Pump

Chemical Dosing Pump

A Chemical dosing Pump injects a chemical or other content into the water flow, gas, or steam.

Chemical Dosing Pump – Dosing pumps are usually smaller, but they provide an exact flow velocity for a high degree of control.

They’re the heart of an embedded dosing system for synthetic dispersion that’s done automatically.

This dosing concept applies to all industrial applications, from treating wastewater to food production.

Application of Chemical Closing Pump

A chemical dosing pump, also referred to as chemical metering pumps, have applications in industrial facilities, agriculture, production facilities, medical laboratories, mining activities, water treatment, and food processing.

To neutralise the pH of water storage, a chemical feed pump could incorporate a caustic chemical or even acid.

It could also be used to destroy germs as a chlorine pump. A chemical’ dosing pump can work in extreme conditions, such as high temperatures and high pressures.

Moreover, a chemical dosing pump can defend against rust and precipitation.

Disinfectants, coagulants, and scale inhibitors are frequently mixed with the pumps. Furthermore, the pumps have applications for other things as well.

  • Chemical industrial applications
  • Chemical industrial applications
  • beverages and food
  • Cleaning-In-Place
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Irrigation
  • pH balancing and disinfection

How Does a Chemical Dosing Pump Work?

A dosing pump draws a predetermined amount of fluid into its compartment and inserts it into a tank or hose containing the liquid to be dosed.

It’s powered by electric motors or an air actuator and has a control system that controls the flow velocity and turns the pump in and out. Some models come with more advanced control systems.

With BioChem Water, you can find a range of chemical’ dosing pumps for varied applications. Get in touch with us to know more about every type of chemical dosing pump.

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Chemical Dosing Pump
Chemical Dosing Pump