Chemical Dosing Systems

Chemical Dosing Systems

Numerous types of pumps are now applicable in a wide range of industries to supply fluids, and chemical dosing systems are the most common of these various types of pumps.

Chemical Dosing Systems – As their name implies, these pumps are positive displacement pumps used to infuse chemicals into vapour, gas, or water.

They’ve evolved into an essential component of integrated Chemical Dosing Systems that allow for automated chemical discharging.

BioChem Water offers high-quality Chemical’ Dosing Systems, chemical storage, and metering devices for various fluids, powders, sludges, and emulsions.

Acid managing, water treatment, and cooling water dosing are applications for these systems.

Our innovative storage, transfer, and metered chemical dosing systems for oxidising agents, polyelectrolytes, coagulants, cooling tower substances, and pH monitoring agents.

BioChem Water provides a complete turnkey solution for Chemical’ Dosing Systems.

We have broad and deep expertise in implementing chemical’ dosing systems that can be manufactured off-site and delivered to customers as pre-engineered, verified solutions, from a comprehensive preliminary site survey to installation and configuration.

These solutions reduce risk and site disturbance, enhance safety and health factors, and save money in the long run.

We understand that no one-size-fits-all solution will work for all businesses.

As a result, we tailor our answers to meet your specific needs.

We will always help you define your requirements for new systems or enhancement, and we can also provide advice on how to improve existing wastewater treatment facilities.
In addition, we will provide comprehensive solutions, assisting from the start and remaining engaged until assessing the coagulation chemistry choice and providing support during the chemical’ dosing systems installation.

If you face challenges in selecting the right chemical Dosing Systems, we at BioChem Water can help you get the right solution for your needs.

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Chemical Dosing Systems
Chemical Dosing Systems