Chemical Metering Pump System

Chemical Metering Pump System

A chemical metering pump system automatically injects chemicals into the chemical feed tank during wastewater treatment.

Chemical Metering Pump System – Chemical reagents are added to a stream of water at a precise control rate using differential pressure metering pumps in the dosing procedure.

BioChem Water’s chemical metering pump system has transformed the theory of chemical dosing by offering pre-engineered and highly customisable water treatment devices.

Our chemical’ metering pump system is a pre-engineered alternative that has application in a variety of industries and the treatment of municipal water.

Our technical knowledge in engineered system implementation and development of turnkey modules for environmental enclosures also assists you in developing fully portable and simple-to-install solutions for your chemical dosing implementations.

BioChem Water’s chemical metering pump system can pump into higher or lower release pressures at restricted flow rates.

The chemical’ metering pump system used in boiler water treatment applications should dispense precise chemical levels every moment, ensuring effective chemical treatment of the boiler feed water.

Almost every step in the boiler feed water treatment procedure necessitates using a chemical’ metering pump system to administer treatment chemicals and prevent erosion, corrosion, and scale accumulation.

A chemical metering pump system meets these requirements since it can easily change chemical dosage percentages in response to process circumstances.

When choosing the right metering pump for a boiler water treatment application, the size matters.

So, the first step in the selection process recognises the correct size in terms of storage of both the pump’s flow rate and release pressure.

The appropriate flow rates, release pressures, and fluids form for the particular application must all be determined before selecting a chemical’ metering pump system.

BioChem Water has over 30 years of experience in the wastewater treatment industry.

Give us a chance to help you select the right equipment for your facility.

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Chemical Metering Pump System
Chemical Metering Pump System