DAF Wastewater Treatment System

DAF Wastewater Treatment System

Dissolved air flotation (DAF) is a physical/chemical method that finds a huge application in the treatment of wastewater and effluent discharge.

A DAF wastewater treatment system has time and again proven its efficacy. It removes the suspended solids, oil and grease substances and biochemical oxygen demand from the wastewater.

DAF Wastewater Treatment System- Contaminants are eliminated by resulting in a clarified DAF effluent with pumping air under pressure for creating a dissolved air-in-water solution.

The internal contact chamber collects all the micron-sized bubbles that are flown out from the solution in dissolved air form, where it is blended and diluted with incoming wastewater.

The bubbles and pollutants make a floating bed of debris after rising to the surface that is sucked into an interior hopper by a surface skimmer for further processing.

BioChem’s DAF wastewater treatment system is useful in industrial, commercial, and municipal units.

These systems are designed to work optimally in order to reduce water wastage and enhance the chances of water recycling.

It can handle larger sludge solids and produce more consistent treated wastewater quality.

Apart from wastewater treatment, BioChem DAF units can function efficiently in industrial dewatering water recycling and reuse applications.

Main Features & Benefits

  • Reduced footprint of the machine
  • High efficiency
  • Quality checks and licenses
  • Complaint to environmental guidelines
  • High-quality build material that ensures durability
  • Sturdy components
  • Up-to-date accessories and parts
  • Reduces sludge production, treatment and management expenditure

BioChem has a DAF wastewater treatment system to suit and tackle any kind of industrial and water flow needs.

The configurations available at BioChem are capable of handling different flow rates, pressures and amounts of suspended solids.

BioChem equipment is designed specifically for wastewater treatment and water pollutant reduction goals.

We adopt the most recent industry trends pertaining to DAF technology in our solutions.

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DAF Wastewater Treatment System
DAF Wastewater Treatment System