Dissolved Air Flotation Equipment

Dissolved Air Flotation Equipment

BioChem dissolved air flotation equipment is a perfect solution for wastewater treatment and other water filtration applications.

Dissolved Air Flotation Equipment – Dissolved Air Flotation Equipment(DAF) is a type of water treatment and filtration technique that uses floc particles to float to the surface rather than gravity sedimentation.

BioChem’s Dissolved Air Flotation Equipment – We have dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems and products for industrial, commercial, and municipality units.

All of them come with necessary accreditation and licenses that ensure their reliability, performance and safety.

The integrated control systems, gauges, sensors, and valves help to maintain the optimum water quality and allow for precise control.

The configurations and compact structure of BioChem’s DAF systems make them cost-effective.

We work with the goal to provide excellent products as well customer service that results in optimal and sustainable results.

We, through our bespoke DAF solutions, help our clients to cut down their water wastage, water-related costs and improve water management.

The design and features of each dissolved air flotation equipment are as per the technological requirements.

They have complementing accessories that boost their overall performance. All the machines and parts are made up of high-quality materials that add to their longevity and sturdiness.

They remove suspended particles with heavy amounts of organic and inorganic impurities.

For optimal flotation, BioChem‘s DAF devices provide excellent inlet fluid flow distribution and mixing.

The sophisticated hoppers aid in the removal of settled materials and flocs. Our products are heavy-duty, thoroughly guarded flotation zones and eliminate surface float effectively.

The clarified effluent is separated from the quiescent volume by an effluent discharge deflector.

Our proficient team regularly checks the quality and performance of the dissolved air’ flotation equipment units to identify and rectify any potential faults.

We upgrade our entire product line as and when any new technology comes into the market to remain contemporary.

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Dissolved Air Flotation Equipment
Dissolved Air Flotation Equipment