Dissolved Air Flotation Suppliers

Dissolved Air Flotation Suppliers

BioChem offers a wide range of dissolved air flotation machines and equipment, based on our extensive industry experience and reputation as one of the leading dissolved air flotation suppliers.

Dissolved Air Flotation Suppliers – Our products are employed in a variety of industries because of their dependability and integrated features.

Furthermore, our rigorous quality tests provide an additional layer of safety and efficacy.

Dissolved air flotation machines have a reduced footprint when compared to other similar water treatment machines.

BioChem is amongst those dissolved air flotation suppliers whose products and solutions find wide application in wastewater and water treatment processes in industrial, commercial as well as municipal units.

The dissolved air flotation technique includes binding solids to microscopic air bubbles to reduce the density of the particles, causing them to float rather than sink.

The “float” refers to the ascending and rising solids and other pollutant particulates. The surface float is then skimmed off and treated further in the sludge or effluent treatment.

Our products are adaptable due to adjustable air flow rates and the capacity to control and manage variable solids loading.

We stick to the international standards and environmental guidelines when it comes to designing our DAF machines and systems.

Our main motto is to help our clients easily treat wastewater or water to be used in their industries, reduce their operational costs, water-related expenditures and improve overall water management.

Using our DAF units open up many ways for water recycling and reuse.

We have a dedicated technical team who is well versed with the industry trends related to water treatment technology and help us in delivering the best DAF solutions.

Keeping abreast with the ins and outs of the DAF water treatment technique has helped BioChem to secure a place in the list of reliable, verified, and qualified dissolved air flotation suppliers.

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Dissolved Air Flotation Suppliers
Dissolved Air Flotation Suppliers