Dissolved Air Flotation System

Dissolved Air Flotation System

For more than 30 years, BioChem has been a pioneer in wastewater treatment and water treatment systems.

BioChem can supply best-in-class wastewater treatment solutions, such as an advanced dissolved air flotation system, with an integrated approach in this regard.

Dissolved Air Flotation System – We provide our clients with cost-effective and technology solutions by emphasising details and usefulness without compromising quality, and we approach each job with the same carefulness and expertise.

Our dissolved air flotation system and solutions have reduced footprint and are available in standardised sizes and configurations to suit multiple applications.

BioChem’s product range of dissolved air flotation (DAF) units comply with all regulatory norms and environmental guidelines.

They are engineered to handle different feed rates of wastewater having high levels of pollutants and turbidity.

The DAF units are made up of high-grade material that adds to their durability and longevity.

For optimal operation dependability, the units incorporate simple pressure release controls and valves.

They blend the air bubbles into the wastewater flow effectively and carefully.

Due to the perfect design of the blending and feeder system in the flotation tank, the DAF units have well-regulated tank flow.

To ensure a safe working environment, the dissolved air flotation system operates at optimum filling speed.

They require little maintenance and can handle large amounts of water pollutant load reduction.

In industrial applications, BioChem aids in maximum water recovery, reuse, and recycling.

As a result, there is better water management, less waste and discharge, and far less environmental effect.

BioChem specialists have been continually optimising dissolved air flotation bubble formation techniques, quick rise flotation rates, and surface area to satisfy our client’s performance goals.

BioChem offers a variety of DAF designs to address the changing needs of our customers’ wastewater treatment needs and help them reach their targets related to wastewater treatment and discharge.

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Dissolved Air Flotation System
Dissolved Air Flotation System