Dissolved Air Flotation Water Treatment

Dissolved Air Flotation Water Treatment

Our Dissolved air flotation water treatment systems are a blessing for industries that want a cost-effective technique to treat wastewater.

Dissolved Air Flotation Water Treatment – The dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems are beneficial in the removal of oils, greases, fats and other suspended solids from the wastewater.

It also has the ability to lower the levels of insoluble biological oxygen demand as well as chemical oxygen demand.

Our DAF systems’ well-researched designs maximise solids removal while minimising fluid in wastewater and sludge.

They operate in such a way that the skimmer assembly, chain links, gears, and motor are not subjected to undue wear, tear, and fatigue.

The multitude of monitoring settings is fitted on our dissolving air flotation system. Flow rate monitoring, liquid level indicators, and pH are examples of these.

The BioChem dissolved air flotation water treatment machines can be operated precisely thanks to modern aeration systems and control interfaces featuring sensors and indicators.

Our equipment and parts are low-maintenance and can manage high levels of water pollution with ease.

BioChem‘s sole mission is to assist municipalities, as well as industrial and commercial sectors, in improving water management, water recovery, recycling, and reuse.

As a result, there is less water wastage and disposal, as well as a significant reduction in environmental impact and operational costs.

BioChem experts have been working to improve dissolved air flotation bubble generation processes in order to meet our client’s diverse and demanding wastewater treatment needs.

When it comes to designing dissolved air flotation water treatment machinery and systems, BioChem adheres to global norms and environmental legislation.

We have a specialised technical team that is up to date on industry advancements in water treatment technology and assists us in providing the best DAF solutions.

BioChem has been able to give unrivalled solutions for even the most stringent wastewater quality.

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Dissolved Air Flotation Water Treatment
Dissolved Air Flotation Water Treatment