Dissolved Air Flotation

Dissolved Air Flotation

BioChem’s Dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems use a technique of dissolving air into water under pressure to eliminate suspended particles, fat, oils, greases, and non-soluble organics.

Dissolved Air Flotation -Using a combination of methods, the ideal DAF system delivers high rate removal efficiency at a low operational cost, a compact footprint, and better durability.

BioChem dissolved air flotation machines are corrosion resistant, are easily adaptable, and cover a wide pH range.

BioChem dissolved air flotation systems find wide application in wastewater treatment, filtration, recycling, dewatering, and water treatment ancillary processes.

We regularly consult industry experts to gain their insights on our DAF product range and combine our technical resources with their knowledge to devise the most up-to-date solutions.

DAF technology is a powerful purification technique for low-density particles suspended in water that the sedimentation process cannot remove.

The BioChem team will conduct in-depth research to give the correct solution for your specific water treatment needs, using various flotation technologies and dissolved air flotation (DAF) clarifier models.

We have DAF units and systems in different configurations, types and cleaning technology. Every BioChem DAF system, its parts, and components are designed to adhere to the industrial standards while also facilitating compliance with environmental regulations.

Moreover, we precisely check all the DAF units in terms of quality, performance, and right specifications to ensure complete reliability.

The proven technology of DAF combined with our compact configurational designs and structures help industries to cut down their water-related costs while also ensuring better water management and minimum water wastage.

BioChem DAF processes and parts have the latest and upgraded designs that result in more productive hydraulics within the flotation zones at higher loading rates.

The DAF machines’ improved air saturation systems are a huge plus. They’re made to work under extreme pressures and effectively treat water with high levels of turbidity.

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Dissolved Air Flotation
Dissolved Air Flotation