Flocculant Chemicals for Water Treatment

Flocculant Chemicals for Water Treatment

Biochem’s Flocculant chemicals for water treatment help in removing the sediments and suspended particles present in water.

Flocculant Chemicals for Water Treatment – Various industries and water supplying municipalities need access to clean water, and flocculant chemicals are a perfect solution for treating water.

Flocculants are compounds that help small particles in a water clump together to form a floc, which rises to the surface or settles to the bottom, from where it may be readily removed.

BioChem offers a wide variety of flocculant chemicals for water treatment. We collaborate with water treatment specialists to determine the optimal chemical composition of flocculants.

We put these chemicals to test to see how effective they are in different types of water with different types of particles, pollutants and impurities.

Soluble flocculants, including polymeric inorganic and organic flocculants and single container blends, are available at BioChem.

They’re made to work in a wide range of industrial water and wastewater treatment applications.

They can be employed as a principal coagulant in raw water treatment to remove colloidal turbulence and colour.

They can also be used as a demulsifier for initial wastewater treatment to help separate watery debris.

The BioChem product line includes a diverse range of flocculant chemicals for water treatment for treating water with high levels of pollutants, ranging from traditional inorganics to modified natural compounds.

Our team collaborates with our clients to select flocculant chemicals for water treatment that reduce sludge generation and, as a result, lower their total operating costs.

High-performance emulsion flocculants are also part of our product category.

Reduced polymer emulsion settling rates and less generation of insoluble material are achieved using our unique flocculant chemicals and emulsion breakers.

Our highly skilled chemists and technicians can design a flocculant chemistry strategy that guarantees a water treatment system operates at maximum efficiency.

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Flocculant Chemicals for Water Treatment
Flocculant Chemicals for Water Treatment