Granular Activated Carbon Filter

Granular Activated Carbon Filter

Our Granular Activated Carbon Filter is a composite blend of non-graphitic carbon bonding that connects a wide variety of graphite particles.

Granular activated carbon filter are useful for eliminating a multitude of impurities from water during water treatment operations due to their high adsorptive capacity.

Furthermore, these filters are an environmentally friendly solution that can be reactivated through thermal oxidation processes and reused for water treatment several times.

BioChem offers granular activated carbon filters in a variety of sizes and micron ranges that are capable of successfully purifying water with high impurity levels.

Our goal of providing sustainable solutions helps us in delivering our best.

BioChem’s granular activated carbon filters find application in the removal of organic components and residual antimicrobials during the water treatment operations.

Our focus is to create technologies and systems that not only improve water quality and reduce health risks but also safeguard other water treatment units like ultrafiltration membranes and resins from damage that can occur due to oxidation and organic fouling.

Because of its multipurpose nature and the fact that they contribute nothing harmful to the treated water, our activated carbon filters are a popular water treatment remedy.

All the activated carbon filter products undergo stringent testing and quality check. Our engineers and quality analysts study the different impurities present in industrial water and other supplies to come up with appropriate composition of the carbon filters.

BioChem’s granular activated carbon filter products while in operation do not affect the quality of water.

Instead, they maintain the required pH value of the water so that the treated water does not cause degradation of the machine components and other units.

We have licensed and certified activated carbon filters available in standard particle size as well as customisable options.

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Granular Activated Carbon Filter
Granular Activated Carbon Filter