Industrial Carbon Water Filter System

Industrial Carbon Water Filter System

Industrial activated carbon water filters use an activated carbon media bed to remove chemicals, unpleasant taste, odour, and colour from water. BioChem provides high-quality Activated Carbon Filters that are designed to align with the highest industry standards. Organic solvents, suspended particles and pesticides are all possible to treat and remove using our activated carbon filter.

BioChem’s product line includes carbon water filters in a variety of sizes, building materials and technologies to meet the varying and evolving needs of industries and municipal corporations. BioChem’s industrial carbon water filter systems are engineered to provide years of reliable service and are suitable for a wide range of water issues. Our systems surpass the market because we employ the best filtering medium and components.

All our quality inspection engineers and quality analysts regularly test the products to identify and rectify faults and poor designs. Our goal is to give the best carbon water filter units to our clients irrespective of the scale of their facility. We have options of different models and capacities to suit different volumes of water.

BioChem’s industrial carbon water filter system has built-in safety mechanisms to safeguard high-pressure pump surfaces and membranes. The fitted control valves and gauges help to extend the life of the filtration media, save on the maintenance requirements, and boost the efficiency of the overall facility.

The team at BioChem analyses all of your water treatment and filtration objectives and works with you to identify or build the most effective solution for your needs. Our industrial carbon water filter system is built to last, with only the highest-quality components and filtration media used. Our industrial carbon water filtration systems are designed with minimal maintenance in mind to help you lower your overall operating costs while reducing water waste.