Industrial Water Filtration Equipment

Industrial Water Filtration Equipment

BioChem’s Industrial Water Filtration Equipment experts work with industry leaders to build the most efficient water filtration equipment.

Industrial Water Filtration Equipment – We combine our technology, expertise, resources, and experience to offer a wide range of industrial water filtration equipment in different capacities and models.

BioChem develops long-term water filtering systems with advanced filtration technology for industrial applications.

We use proprietary devices and tailored systems in all our reverse osmosis units, multi-media filter, ultrafiltration and vapour compression units.

Clients recognise us as a tried-and-true provider of industrial water filtering equipment.

BioChem’s concept, design, installation, and servicing incorporate in-depth knowledge with a well-coordinated team effort.

Every time you engage BioChem, you can expect a smarter, greener, and more cost-effective service.

All BioChem systems are built to international quality standards, with additional accreditation available to fulfil the needs of specialised industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotech, food, and plastic industry.

We understand the design needs and water quality needs of a particular industry and then work to devise the solutions.

Indeed, all our products work to treat the water to get rid of the impurities keeping intact the actual valuable minerals present in the water.

BioChem offers modern and sustainable water filtration systems that can handle high levels of turbidity in the water.

We do, in fact, have options for varying volume flow rate. The use of our equipment demands only minimal technical expertise.

We have single-media water filters as well as multi-media water filters with improved functionalities.

All of the industrial water filtration equipment has better filter bed activity as a result of creative filter media selection and utilisation.

When compared to a traditional sand filter, multi-media filtration enables the delivery of high-quality filtered water at much higher flow rates.

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Industrial Water Filtration Equipment
Industrial Water Filtration Equipment