Metering Pumps

Metering Pumps

BioChem metering pumps provide the highest level of gauging precision and dependability.

Metering Pumps – Pumps using reciprocating positive displacement valves, such as diaphragm and plunger pumps, provide the highest metering accuracy.

When it comes to pumping supercritical fluids, all BioChem metering’ pumps set the bar for safety, dependability, and performance.

BioChem’s metering pumps are built with certain needs in mind. For metering’ pumps, they provide energy efficiency, low maintenance costs, and extraordinarily stable performance with longevity.

We have solutions for all industries, whether they need a metering pump that needs to work with supercritical fluids or one that fulfils the most stringent specifications.

We have a large selection of metering’ pumps that can be used in a variety of industrial applications.

Each type has a different pump capacity and backpressure. Our safety engineers put all of the metering’ pumps to test at diverse scales that could exist in the real world.

They are available in a variety of operating modes, mediums, viscosity, and other characteristics.

Metering pumps with motors and solenoid metering’ pumps are available.

Many industries, including medicines, water treatment, food and beverage manufacturing, electricity generation, petrochemical industry, chemical industries, and petroleum refinery, require metering’ pumps.

All of these industries can benefit from BioChem’s solutions.

We keep up with the recent advances in electronics and control technology and accordingly have gear pumps and peristaltic meter pumps. The sealings, pump operation, and discharge system all undergo multiple tests. All of the metering’ pumps at BioChem come with certifications to ensure safe operations with minimum risk of fault.

Along with metering pumps, BioChem has other dosing pumps as well to address diverse industrial needs.

They come with high dosing accuracy and powerful technology.

All BioChem metering’ pumps deliver superior precision and require simple integration into the existing systems.

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Metering Pumps
Metering’ Pumps