Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor

Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor

Maintaining the appropriate water condition is essential at all times, and this guarantees that closed and open cooling systems are always in good condition and operate at maximum effectiveness.

This is possible by using a scale and corrosion inhibitor built specifically for these systems.

Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor – BioChem Water’s scale & corrosion inhibitor is scientifically formulated to safeguard cooling systems from scale accumulation and metallic corrosion in one product.

Our scale & corrosion inhibitor will help you save money by lowering maintenance costs, increasing reliability and operational efficiency.

Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor: What Are They?

Scale & corrosion inhibitors are tailored chemical compounds that, when added in a few concentration levels to the water, usually cause scale formation to delay or hinder.

The corrosion and scale inhibitor is similar to the chemicals used to avoid scale in washers.

Finally, crystal growth can be inhibited by adding ingredients that react with prospective scale-forming ingredients, resulting in a thermodynamically stable area or introducing materials that restrict crystal growth.

As a result, the use of such chemicals is appealing because a minimal dosage (a few ppm) can be sufficient to avoid the scale for long periods for both surface and equipment treatment options.

Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor is available in:

  • Inorganic polyphosphates
  • Organic phosphates esters
  • Organic polymers
  • Organic phosphonates

The Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor selection criteria are:

  • Efficiency
  • Stability
  • Compatibility

BioChem Water produces a variety of scale and corrosion inhibitor and water treatment alternatives for cooling systems and chemicals to inhibit and/or remove metal ions and stiff salt accumulations in boiler feedwater.

BioChem Water is your reliable partner when it comes to wastewater treatment.

In addition to providing the best chemical compounds and products for your wastewater pretreatment procedure, our team has the knowledge and experience to ensure that you will get the optimal solution for your specific needs.

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Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor
Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor