Screw Press Sludge Dewatering Machine

Screw Press Sludge Dewatering Machine

The BioChem screw press sludge dewatering machine is a type of sludge dewatering apparatus that is both effective and environmentally beneficial.

Screw Press Sludge Dewatering Machine – It is an advanced form of sludge extrusion dewatering gear that leverages the concept of screw extrusion and the strong squeezing force to separate the liquid and solid.

A screw press sludge dewatering machine is a great tool for removing moisture content to 100 per cent, and the resulting sludge can be used as other fuel.

Municipal, paper, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, textile, and other sectors use BioChem’s screw press dewatering machine in wastewater and water treatment operations.

There are different capacities of machines for sludge with different concentrations.

BioChem, in keeping with its sustainability philosophy, offers zero-pollution screw press sludge dewatering equipment.

They help businesses save energy and money while also being environmentally responsible. All of them have a modest footprint and a compact design.

An industrial or municipal wastewater treatment plant can increase the amount of water reclaimed for use while reducing the volume of sludge discarded by installing a dewatering screw process system.

This water-saving wastewater treatment technology is definitely worth it. BioChem dewatering presses come with all tests and accreditations. Indeed, all of them have pressure valves, gauges to help in continuous monitoring of the processes and outputs.

The sedimentation tanks, presses, filtering membranes in all BioChem products are made up of high quality and durable material.

Customers can select the optimal option based on their sewage treatment goals and financial budgets.

BioChem can also provide a comprehensive sludge dewatering solution based on specific needs of the customer.

The presses are easy to use and consume little energy. They require less maintenance and produce minimal noise and vibration.

All BioChem units are built to industry standards and have top quality workmanship.

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Screw Press Sludge Dewatering Machine
Screw Press Sludge Dewatering Machine