Screw Press Wastewater Treatment

Screw Press Wastewater Treatment

For effective thickening and dewatering of sludge waters, screw press wastewater treatment is essential.

Screw Press Wastewater Treatment – Sludge waters are water with a certain amount of suspended solids from wastewater treatment, the food processing industry, the chemical industry, and other human activities.

The design is simple.

The electric control cabinet, metering tank, dehydrator body, and flocculation mixing tank are all included in the dehydrator.

It only takes up a small amount of space, is simple to repair and replace, and is light enough to carry.

Screw press wastewater treatment is available at BioChem Water.

Clients can select the most appropriate sludge dewatering equipment and treatment based on their sewage treatment goals and investment expenditures.

Sludge from municipal wastewater, food, beverage, chemical processing, leather, welding material, paper industry, printing and colouring, pharmacological, and other industries can all benefit from it.

Process of Screw Press Wastewater’ Treatment

The screw press wastewater treatment reduces the amount of solid waste disposed of, making landfills and other waste disposals more efficient.

The cost of sedimentation tanks is eliminated when a dewatering screw press is placed because the equipment coagulates the secondary sludge after the procedure.

The sludge gets transferred to the dewatering screw press via the feed pump.

An overflow is used here to manage the flow to another section of the press machine.

A flocculant is introduced to the sludge water as it reaches the mixing chamber from the inlet pipe, which aids solid particles to accumulating into flocks.

A slow-moving blade in the mixing tank mixes the sludge water well with a flocculant.

The congregations and the treated sludge water are directed towards the screw press.

A pressure component at the screw’s end improves the efficiency of the screw press wastewater’ treatment.

Don’t worry. BioChem Water will cover all your wastewater treatment needs with the most advanced screw press wastewater treatment.

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Screw Press Wastewater Treatment
Screw Press Wastewater Treatment