Cooling and Process Water Systems

Cooling and Process Water Systems


When operating a water system, equipment life and operating efficiency are top priorities. BioChem Water will analyse the state of your system and provide a detailed and comprehensive report, including system optimisation recommendations, feasibility on potential energy savings, and a focus on reducing your total cost of operation.

Our cooling water system program provides system cleanliness and ongoing protection through the optimal use of inhibitors and biocides. A complete program of automation, monitoring and control, results in efficient operation with energy and water savings.

And when it comes to the mining and process industry, our total service program provides product performance monitoring, technical and field support, and dosing and monitoring technology to maintain clean surfaces for improved process flow.

BioChem Water Offers


On-site experts pinpoint and help solve inefficiencies and highlight potential operational problems due to poor cooling water management.


Optimise cooling water management with the use of advanced scale and corrosion inhibitors, descalers, and biocides paired with monitoring and control equipment. Scroll down to view our cooling and process water products.


Improve operations and efficiency through a program of ongoing operator training in total water management.

Integrated water management increases equipment life and operational efficiency

When operating a cooling water system, equipment life and operating efficiency are top priorities. Our program provides system cleanliness and ongoing protection through the optimal use of inhibitors and biocides. A complete program of automation, monitoring, and control results in efficient operation with energy and water savings.

Download our Cooling Water Management and Mining and Processing brochures to learn more about our solutions and programs, including:

Pre-operational cleaning
Efficient cooling water system operation begins with the absence or removal of deposits, scale, and biological fouling.

Microbiological abatement
Proper application of biocides is essential for efficient operation of cooling water systems. Biological growth in cooling water systems reduces heat transfer and increases risks associated with disease-causing microorganisms.

Inhibitor program
Effective cooling water management programs use inhibitor products to help maintain clean, scale free surfaces and prevent corrosion.

Monitor and control
Our proactive approach ensures proper schedules and testing to drive desired results.

Mining and Processing
BioChem Water provides a comprehensive water treatment portfolio to the mining industry to help meet control and compliance needs.


Cooling and Process Water Systems


“Biochem Water Company has provided water treatment service and advice to me for the past several years. They have consistently advised me on the best way to solve my water problems at a reasonable cost. They have always performed as promised and in a timely fashion. The professionalism and knowledge they have is outstanding. I would highly recommend Biochem Water.”

Process Technician, Water Treatment, Matthew Edmunds, Mars Food Australia

“Following completing a detailed engineering review to establish the cause of (premature) failure of the site’s liquid ring gas pumps, BioChem Water were engaged to provide a water treatment and filtration solution to meet the pump manufacturer’s water quality specifications. BioChem were selected based on their technical expertise, transparency and honesty throughout the tender process. Since partnering with BioChem, Richard and his team have worked closely with the site engineers to seamlessly integrate the water treatment infrastructure and supported the site in every aspect to deliver an unparalleled result. I have no hesitation in declaring BioChem as our preferred partner for water management solutions.”

Grant Marshall, Gas Seal Engineer

“Biochem Water has been actively involved with my water treatment needs for many years for my condenser and filtration requirements. Knowing that our water supply is managed properly not only ensures meeting the requirements for our export licences but saves to what otherwise could be additional replacement and unwanted energy costs .The knowledge they bring is second to none and they always go the extra mile and continuously exceed my expectations. I would have no hesitation in recommending Biochem Water for any water based application.”

George Tanos, Managing Director, Blayney Group

“Richard brings over 20 years knowledge and experience working & excelling in the water treatment industry to his own recently established completely Australian owned business, BioChem Water. His approach is straightforward, practical effective and economical. Richard has provided AWOR with valuable advice regarding the selection and use of chemicals for our Dissolved Air Flotation Process and is also assisting with the set up of a new biological water treatment process. His understanding and passion for water treatment is refreshing and I can recommend his personable , flexible approach to anyone wanting to improve their water treatment processes. ”

Maria Hristov, Laboratory Manager/Chemist, Australian Waste Oil Refineries

I have been working closely with BioChem Water Pty Limited for over six years now. BioChem Water have brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to help maintain efficiencies in our plant, including our biological and chemistry waste water treatment, steam boilers, water softeners and cooling towers. I would recommend BioChem Water to any potential client.

Alan Vella, Reliability Engineer, Campbell Arnott’s