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Wastewater Treatment

BioChem Water provides specialist biological and chemical wastewater treatment solutions.

Our complete and comprehensive portfolio of wastewater expertise includes optimisation of chemistry programs, biological aerobic/anaerobic expertise, and industry equipment solutions.

From microscopic examination to seeding of bacteria, BioChem Water will analyse the state of your system and provide a detailed and comprehensive recommendations report covering: 

  • Methods to optimise your system
  • Potential savings on the total cost of operation, including energy, waste activated sludge rates, and return activated sludge rates savings
  • System chemistry focused program optimisation and sludge minimisation

No matter what the wastewater application, BioChem Water will provide a tailored program to optimise your treatment process.

Download Effluent Solutions PDF Download Effluent Solutions PDF
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Biological and chemical wastewater solutions to industry

BioChem Water has the capability to carry out treatment program development and program optimisation studies in support of routine service work.

Download our ‘Effluent Solutions’ brochure to learn more about BioChem’s wastewater studies or scroll down to view our wastewater treatment product offering.

As well as providing chemical and biological waste water solutions we also supply equipment for separation such as dissolved air flotation systems (Both chemical and non chemical systems), a range of dewatering equipment and polymer make-up systems.We have the technical capability to provide a solution that best suits your needs and budget.

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Case Studies

Wastewater Case Study

Wastewater Treatment products

BioChem Water offers a wide range of quality wastewater treatment products, including flocculents and both organic and inorganic coagulants.


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