Small Belt Press Sludge Dewatering

Small Belt Press Sludge Dewatering

Sludge dewatering is accomplished with a belt filter press, which presses the sludge to expel water through a porous material.

The Small Belt Press Sludge Dewatering method yields a cake with a high dry solids concentration.

Small Belt Press Sludge Dewatering – A belt filter press sludge dewatering technique removes water by successively combining drainage and mechanical pressure.

Recirculating belts are typically used in small belt filter presses, with two belts combining to exert pressure and compress the sludge to squeeze out the water.

Small belt press sludge dewatering units from BioChem are equipped with the best and most up-to-date dewatering technology, allowing enterprises to increase their water reuse capacity while lowering their water-related expenses.

BioChem small belt press sludge dewatering solutions come in different sizes, pressure capacities and volumes.

We have a small belt press that finds applications in different industries ranging from municipalities, pharmaceuticals, food, textile to mining and construction. Our systems are capable of handling large sludge volumes with effective and swift dewatering.

The BioChem small belt press sludge dewatering machines provide the following benefits:

Easy setup, startup and operation with clear indicators and valves.
High-quality build material that ensures longevity and durability.
Minimal noise and vibration.

Easy maintenance that demands minimal technical knowledge.

Industries may save money on sludge disposal by using our belt press sludge dewatering alternatives in current or future treatment facilities.

BioChem collaborates with industry professionals to develop cost-effective and dependable sludge dewatering small belt press designs, in addition to many specialised models.

BioChem offers accessories that can help a belt press sludge dewatering machine run more efficiently.

If you have high operational costs owing to sludge disposal, BioChem’s small belt press sludge dewatering device can lead to significant savings.

BioChem’s engineers are well-versed in the various forms of sludge and can create a profitability assessment for suitable belt press sludge dewatering alternatives.

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Small Belt Press Sludge Dewatering
Small Belt Press Sludge Dewatering