Small Dewatering Screw Press

Small Dewatering Screw Press

The small dewatering screw press machine is the most extensively used sludge dewatering equipment in municipal sewage treatment and other industry sectors’ treatment of wastewater.

Small Dewatering Screw Press – Its portable structure and lower power consumption are gaining popularity among wastewater treatment contractors.

Users would benefit significantly from selecting a small dewatering screw press machine with higher quality and a more reasonable price.

We at BioChem offer this technology to cater to the emerging needs of various industries wastewater treatment.

A screw press that distinguishes liquids from solids is known as a dewatering screw press.

Rather than a belt press, filter paper, or centrifuge, a screw press could be used.

A small dewatering screw press is a simplistic, slow-moving instrument that utilises constant gravitational drainage to dewater the area.

Screw presses are frequently used for tough materials, such as those likely to bundle together.

The material is squeezed against a screen or filter by the screw press, and the liquid is collected and used through the screen.

The small dewatering screw press is a high-performance sludge dewatering framework that is enclosed.

It employs a core screw auger and a steadily oscillatory multi-disk filter. This continually raises pressure on flocculated sludge, resulting in a very dry sludge cake.

The structure is very cost-effective due to the use of electrical, water, and polymer and the high capture levels.

The small dewatering’ screw press can be delivered with all dewatering devices already installed, piped, and interconnected on a single stainless steel skid.

The sludge pump, polymer dosing system, wash water pump, and control panel is all part of this system.

The system has a completely automated one-button start and stop feature.

The machine can work unaddressed and be set to close down automatically without the need for manual interference once it has been started up.

BioChem Water offers the new generation of this small dewatering screw press. Contact us today to know more.

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Small Dewatering Screw Press
Small Dewatering Screw Press