Water Quality Test Kit

Water Quality Test Kit

A growing number of Australians depend on private water supplies to supplement or replace municipal water sources.

Some water Water Quality Test Kit supply users may switch between different waterways, such as rainwater and water from dams.

Water Quality Test Kit – As our weather becomes more extreme, we are forced to become more resourceful in using our water supplies, regardless of quality.

Water testing is necessary for anyone unsure about what is in their water.

A water quality test kit is a convenient and cost-effective way to test your water supply.

A water quality’ test kit is simple to use which can be used by anybody, even if they have little knowledge of water chemistry.

The water quality test kit also includes Coliform and E Coli bacteria tests.

These water testing kits have been adapted to individual water tests, such as tank, well, and bore water tests.

With precise and straightforward instructions, you can get instant, consistent results with BioChem Water’s water quality test kit.

Simply dip the bottle in and compare the colours to the large colour chart on the bottle.

There’s no need to send samples to a costly lab and wait weeks and months for outcomes.

Our customers know they can rely on our brand to deliver only the best test results for their drinking water.

Wastewater, leakage from sewer systems, animal waste, intensive agriculture practices (for instance, fertiliser, manure, and agrochemicals), blue-green algae, and industrial effluent can all pollute water supplies.

These pollutants can contaminate water with disease-causing microbes or hazardous chemicals.

So, one must check the drinking water quality with a water quality’ test kit to ensure that you use only pure water.

Free chlorine, copper, nitrate, nitrite, alkalinity, pH, iron, and lead are among the parameters tested.

BioChem Water is your reliable partner for all of your water treatment needs.


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Water Quality Test Kit
Water Quality Test Kit