Water Softener Filter System

Water Softener Filter System

A Water Softener Filter System, also known as a water filtering system, can help remove harmful substances and dissolved solids from the water.

Water Softener Filter System – Apart from making your water to be used in a better way, a water softener filter system performs the vital job of softening and reducing or eliminating harmful substances from it, such as chlorine, lead and other bacteria that could make the water unsafe.

In addition, the water softener filter system employs a range of various methods to eliminate the number of contaminants.

How does BioChem Water Softener Help?

BioChem Water softeners assist in removing minerals like magnesium and calcium that cause hard water.

They operate in a way similar to an ion magnet by using the chemical exchange. Water is forced through a bed with beads, which are coated with sodium Ions.

The calcium and other substances that cause water to become “hard” then exchange their ions with positive sodium ions.

After this, the calcium will no longer be in the water, thus preventing the hazardous rings that can be found in the blocked pipes.

Is it now safe to use?

But, even though the water softener has reduced the hardness of the water, it is not safer or better to drink.

If your water supply is treated with a high-quality water softener, you need to filter it for decreasing harmful contaminants such as chlorine, chloramines, hazardous VOCs, and many more.

BioChem Water‘s water softener filter system can supply filtered water for your use.

We have a specialised process that first softens the water to remove the hard chemicals and then filters it to make it absolutely safe for industrial use.

Water Softener Filter System
Water Softener Filter System