Water Treatment Newcastle

Water Treatment Newcastle

The process of extracting different chemicals, organic and inorganic components, and biological pollutants from water is water treatment.

BioChem’s Water Treatment Newcastle Water distillation and deionisation are also part of this process.

Water Treatment Newcastle – BioChem Water, the leading Water treatment solution provider in Newcastle, aims to provide the best of water purification.

BioChem Water reduces the concentration of contaminants such as fungi, viruses, algae, bacteria, parasites, and suspended particles by employing various techniques.

We, at BioChem Water, start the process of water treatment in Newcastle with coagulation.

Chlorine dioxide is the first chemical added, and it’s an oxidant that’s used to decompose naturally occurring organic matter.

The primary coagulant is aluminium sulphate, which you also know as a chemical coagulant.

Coagulants coagulate together very fine particles to form large particles, which can then be removed later in the treatment method by settling, skimming, draining, or filtration.

The coagulated water then moves on to the flocculation process, the next major unit procedure.

Flocculation is a gradual stirring procedure that results in floc formation from small coagulated particles.

The flocculation method allows the floc particles to contact the particulates (sediment) in the water.

The flocculated water goes to the sedimentation tank.

This is the subsequent primary water treatment in the Newcastle process.

The sedimentation process eliminates dissolved particles that are thicker than water while also lowering the load of the suspended particles on the filtration.

The clean surface water is collected in the launder pipes, which direct the water to the filtration gallery, where the remaining solids get removed.

Most microbes in water, including all pathogenic organisms like bacteria, viruses, and intestinal parasites, are killed or inactivated during the disinfection procedure.

Following that, the water filtration takes place, and after that, we check the water quality to ensure that it is fit for consumption.

To know more about water treatment in Newcastle, get in touch with the BioChem Water team.

Water Treatment Newcastle
Water Treatment Newcastle